The Transience Of Memories -SynTalk

“Is your name on the top of your mind? Are the preconscious or the unconscious merely the regions far away from the centre of the field of attention? Why are memories transient? Can there be a memory molecule, or are all memories synthesized? Are memories localized in the brain? Can (collective) memories be formless? How are traumatic events remembered? What role does emotional significance, meaning, and stress play in the recording and retrieval of a memory? Can memories be inherited genetically? What is the difference between repression and suppression? Is suppression impossible? Can memories be planted? Can there be a kind of wisdom in forgetting? Is it easy to forget? Why don’t we often remember the details? Are episodic, declarative, and motor memories stored in different neural structures? Can you hold the theoretical memory capacity of your brain in your hand? Is our memory capacity changing? Why does chunking work? What are the sites of memory? How do memory practices change? Can tradition be invented? How do we remember forgetting? Can we create memories that do not exist? SynTalk thinks about these & more questions using concepts from neuroscience (Prof. Upinder S. Bhalla, NCBS, Bangalore), media & cultural studies (Dr. Rohit Chopra, Santa Clara University, Santa Clara), & psychoanalysis (Dr. Pushpa Misra, ex-Bethune College, Kolkata)”

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