safe at home in Turkey

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We’re on the west coast, and were spending the evening in Bodrum for our niece’s birthday when coup footage began to appear on TV. We made it back up the coast to where we are staying this week, in a creepy but uneventful 3 AM drive. All of our relatives in Ankara are safe at home, though some friends there report hearing the bombs and other ongoing conflict near government facilities.

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  1. Saw Graham’s comment. Glad he and his family are safe but are/have ever any of us been safe in habermas’ terms? Erdogan blames coup, which had some unusual gestures such as an imiciy recognition thdt the us was behind it dich as closing airspace to us fighter planes and cutting the electricity to incirlink airbase as well as restricting Russian ships, on some James Bond type villisn named gullen who lives in a fortified compound in the pocono mountains which ate best known as a tacky sex motel zone featuring heart shaped beds, adulterous blue collar liaisons and recreational drug use. Could be but will have to think thdt one over.

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